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My name is Sara. I am a loving, fun, vivacious woman with a love for photography. While I love photographing everything I see capturing the intimate moments of people is my passion. Whether it is the moment a child realizes something for the first time or a teenager finally sees who they really are I LOVE to be there. I want to freeze the moment of joy shared by a family as they play together. I want to capture forever the love of a newly engaged couple. It is what I love to do! Here you'll find the 'stories' whether in word or image of those most precious moments. Enjoy!



Yes, finally! Sara Weir Photography is undergoing HUGE changes. Meaning we're building a website! It has been something I've been wanting for years, but between having two kids, moving three times, and restarting my business three times it hasn't exactly been on the top of the list. But now it is! And I'm loving that it's all coming together. So much in fact that I can't wait to show you everything all at once so I'm unveiling the new blog! That's right! Go check it out!

As for the rest of the website the launch date is May 2nd! To celebrate I'm having a Fresh Start Give Away. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on the new blog. For each comment you leave your name will be dropped in a hat and drawn to receive an awesome prize! Meaning the more comments you leave the better your chances at winning!

And now for the prizes!

GRAND PRIZE: Will include a FREE portrait session of your choosing. Along with a 50% discount on all products ordered! (Must be redeemed by May 2nd 2012)

FIRST PRIZE: All your DIGITAL images from your session! No print purchase necessary. (Can be applied to past sessions as well as new sessions. Must be redeemed by May 2, 2012.)

SECOND PRIZE: Is a beautiful 8x8 ALBUM of your session's images (Can be applied to past sessions as well as new sessions. Must be redeemed by May 2, 2012.) Stay tuned for example images of the album.

THIRD PRIZE: A PRINT CREDIT of $50. (Can be applied to past sessions as well as new sessions. Must be redeemed by May 2, 2012.)

All prizes, except the grand prize may be applied to either past or future sessions. I did that so that all my clients, where ever you are, may participate! So leave lots of comments and spread the word! See you over there!


She's Here!

And we're so happy she is!


The most wonderful part of having her home is watching these two together. This image is just one of many. Each morning M runs in searching for her baby. As soon as she finds her she squeals in delight and can't sit still until she's in her arms. They'll lay like this until mommy or daddy decides it's time for breakfast. Little C graciously accepts every kiss and every pat her sister gives. They are treasured mornings.


spring is in the air


I should have made some kind of announcement months ago, but I'm just not the announcement type of person. It's not because I'm not excited - quite the opposite. I think it's because I like quietly pondering on such a happy thing. Maybe these images can convey a little of what I mean. The sweet secret of a whole new life; her's, mine, and ours.


However; seeing as there is going to be a new little person making frequent appearances here, there should be some kind of warning. Even if it is a late one.


long time coming


Aren't they just beautiful!? You'd never have any idea of all the silly things I said to them while we were on this shoot. Honestly I love taking photos of my friends (and family) more than anyone else. I think it's because I know them before hand and so when I get to see something new, something more special as I view them through the lens. That makes it sound maybe more important than it is, but I'm grateful for the chance I had to see these two. They're just wonderful. I miss them terribly. But I'll see them again shortly!


sweet surprises

And it's been ... too long. There's lots of picture to upload and lots to talk about! But for now let me just say it's good to be ... be back in CA, be with my family, and be photographing! So to start everything yet again I'll start the sweetest little face!


Thank you little missy for a fun evening!


summer luv'n

I heart summer.

I love the sunshine.

I love the heat.

I love the smells.

And most of all I love the family.

Summer time equals family time. Family reunions, family picnics, family vacations, and most of all quiet evenings spent in the backyard with family. It means sticky faces and fingers. Cool popsicles and sprinklers. It means lots of hugs and kisses. And familiar faces we don't get to see everyday. It means a slower paced life with more time to spend giving hugs and kisses. It means fresh memories and happy moments. Summer time is a wonderful time. It's a special time ... it's family time.

What's your favorite part of summer?


sister, me and mine

We met when I was three and a half. She completely filled my arms - I didn't think she was so little. She cried at night, but I loved to play with her during the day. She asked me to cut her hair and got me in trouble when I did. She played barbies the way I wanted to play for hours and hours. She traded me a dollar for a penny. She stayed awake with me at night when I was scared. She listened to my nightmares as well as my dreams. She never called me stupid and always let me wear her clothes. She understands me and I understand her. We're different but we're also the same. She can comfort me and make me laugh. She's my beautifully talented best friend - I get to call her sister.